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VA Secretary Attempts to Change Culture, Combat Critics

US News.  By Astrid Goh and Tara Longardner: Six months after taking over as Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert A. McDonald has proven himself capable in the eyes of many of leading the scandal-ridden agency.But experts agree that the Department of Veterans Affairs still has much work to do – especially regarding transparency and restoring the trust of military veterans.

“We want this administration to ensure every individual that put veterans in harm’s way is appropriately dealt with, swiftly,” said Louis Celli, ‎the American Legion’s national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation.  Unlike his predecessor, McDonald – a former Procter & Gamble CEO – can hardly be described as “ taciturn.”  Addressing reporters by their first names, giving out his personal mobile number at a press conference and insisting on being called “Bob” are only few of the things McDonald has done to increase the VA’s visibility and to promote an open culture.  Since he was sworn in July 2014, he has paid visits to more than 85 VA hospitals, facilities and cemeteries.  Read more here:

Andrew Finkelstein

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