VA Registers “GI Bill” as a trademark

As an added protection for service members to prevent against scams and abuse, the VA has registered “GI Bill” as a trademark.  This will allow the VA to better monitor advertising and recruitment campaigns directed at veterans.  Our nations leaders and veterans advocates across the country have been working to encourage the VA to trademark “GI Bill.”  See Excerpts from the text of the article on the VA’s new trademark are below.  The full story may be viewed at: VA Registers “GI Bill” as a Trademark. —————————————————————- VA will issue terms of use for “GI Bill” within the next six months. “We want to ensure the right balance with these new guidelines so that our stakeholders can still promote GI Bill and we can prohibit others from using it fraudulently,” said Curtis L. Coy, deputy undersecretary for economic opportunity. Full Story: VA Registers “GI Bill” as a Trademark.