U.S. Attorney: Former Maryland VA official forged documents, obtained $1.4 million in benefits

By Amy Aubert:  BALTIMORE – A 68-year-old U.S. Army veteran and former Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs official was charged with collecting $1.4 million in benefits fraudulently, according to the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.

“I think it was a situation where he recognized that he had this authority that nobody is looking over his shoulder,” said U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.  Rosenstein says 68-year-old David Clark drafted fake letters and documents that made certain veterans appear to be eligible for a federal V.A. settlement program. Rosenstein said the V.A. started the program as an effort to settle claims of veterans suffering from diabetes. To be eligible for the up to $20,000 per year compensation, applicants have to be a veteran who served in Vietnam and presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange, which may have caused diabetes. To read entire article, click here: http://www.abc2news.com/homepage-showcase/us-attorney-former-maryland-va-official-forged-documents-obtained-14-million-in-benefits