Upstate NY Man Dies in Construction Accident

On Thursday, January 14, 2016 a home project went terribly wrong in New Lebanon, New York.

According to authorities the victim, a 38 year old New Lebanon man, was attempting to help a family member install footing drainage around a home on Route 5. The man was working from a ditch when the sides of the trench collapsed, burying him in debris.

First responders and family members desperately tried to save the victim but unfortunately were unsuccessful.

If you’re contemplating taking on a DIY project, or assisting in one, do your research first. Safety tips are easy to find using virtually any search engine. Youtube also offers an array of step by step how-to videos for most DIY projects.

Educating yourself prior to engaging in potentially dangerous projects is one way to reduce the likelihood of serious injury and even death.

Learn more about construction-related injuries in New York. Depending on the situation the injured parties may be eligible for compensation.