Unqualified Doctors Perform Over 20 Thousand VA TBI Exams

Traumatic brain injuries often result in devastating, life-long effects. Sadly many victims who suffer traumatic brain injuries are never properly diagnosed. Undiagnosed TBI patients are deprived the opportunity to receive important access to treatment and symptom management.

Because early detection is imperative to patient health, the VA Policy states initial traumatic brain injury exams must be performed by specialists.

A recent investigation found that unqualified doctors performed roughly 25,000 TBI examinations on Vets. Because the doctors were not specialists the Department of Veterans Affairs plans to contact those examined and offer a proper examination conducted by a specialist. If it is found that the patient does in fact have a TBI he/she could be eligible for retroactive TBI benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expected to release additional information in the days and weeks to come. To learn more about the VA and the management of TBIs click here. http://www.publichealth.va.gov/docs/vhi/traumatic-brain-injury-vhi.pdf

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