The Taconic Parkway: A Danger Zone

Earlier this month State Troopers’ in Putnam County reported three crashes in one weekend. Each of the crashes resulted in personal injury.

The first crash occurred when one motorist failed to yield at a right of way and struck an oncoming vehicle. Both drivers required emergency assistance.

In the same evening a car struck an embankment after losing control. The driver, a Newburgh man, was cut off by another vehicle. He was transported to Hudson Valley Hospital Center.

In the final crash of the weekend a NYC woman failed to yield at a right of way and struck a vehicle driver by a Stormville man. Both drivers were hospitalized.

All of the crashes occurred on or near Putnam County’s Pudding Street intersection, which cuts through the Taconic. Local residents and officials have urged the DOT to consider safety upgrades to prevent others from being injured in future Pudding St. crashes. 

The Taconic is arguably one of the most dangerous roadways in New York. Click here to read more about traveling on the Taconic and what you can do to prevent injury.