The State Kindly Requests That Drivers Stop Taking Selfies

Distracted driving is a nationwide issue, but according to the NY Department of Motor Vehicles, New York is one of the states with the highest percentage of drivers who snap selfies behind the wheel.

“Smartphones can provide nearly limitless entertainment, but activities like taking selfies while driving are just irresponsible,” said Terri Egan, the state DMV’s executive deputy commissioner. “A quick search of social media or local news reports across the country show that taking selfies and even live streaming are things motorists actually do behind the wheel, with some doing so on a repeat basis.”- The Poughkeepsie Journal 

Not only is it illegal to take a selfie, or use a handheld device in any capacity while behind the wheel, it is also extremely dangerous. The DMV has taken note and has issued not one, but two reminders to drivers to put their phones down. 

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