The Scary Truth about Moms and Car Seats

In a recent car seat safety study conducted by the director of Oregon’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Tom Sargent Safety Center, researchers found that out of the ~300 randomly selected new mothers “virtually none” were able to properly install a car seat.

The study showed an alarmingly high number of mothers were inadvertently putting their newborns at grave risk for injury:

9% made a serious error, one that would result in a significant increase in risk of injury or death during a car crash.

Those who conducted the experiment are urging hospital systems to offer patients basic training. 

In the event of a major car crash, or even a minor accident a properly installed car seat could potentially significantly reduce the likelihood of injury or death.

New York residents who have car seats installed in their vehicles can visit any of the following permanent child safety seat fitting stations in New York

As the winter months approach its more important than ever to ensure you’ve taken all pre-cautionary steps possible to keep your most prized possessions safe and sound. Spread the word to neighbors and friends with little ones as well by sharing this link.

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