The Often Overlooked Cause of Work Zone Crashes

This summer thousands will enjoy road trips to the tristate’s various summer  vacation destinations, bringing an influx of traffic and sometimes, headaches. 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regularly publishes information about what drivers should and shouldn’t do in work zones. This summer the DOT is pushing drivers to “obey the orange,” which means obey the posted speed limit and to proceed with caution. 

Many drivers fail to slow down to the proper speed, and instead tailgate and ride too closely.

“Just in the past three weeks, at least three drivers in Connecticut have been in severe wrecks involving DOT trucks at work assignments. A New York state man was killed May 19 when his truck slammed into the back of a DOT dump truck being used as a buffer between Route 8 traffic and a pothole-patching operation.”-The Courant 

For more information about safe driving click here. For those who will be traveling this summer via the Taconic Parkway click here for valuable safety tips. 

Are there particular roads that you feel are especially dangerous? Share with us and we will gladly collect and share information with the community!