The Link Between Cell Phones, Marijuana, and Pedestrian Injuries

A 27% spike in recent pedestrian fatalities has many experts questioning why so many people are being killed in preventable crashes. To some, the answer is obvious:

“Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, told The Wall Street Journal that the numbers are worrisome even when considering population growth, more cars on the road and an increased focus on walking and healthy living. The organization highlights the proliferation of smartphones, legalized marijuana and alcohol use by either drivers or pedestrians as contributing factors.” – Forbes

Mr.Adkins goes on to explain that the seven states that legalized recreational marijuana use saw a much higher increase in pedestrian fatalities (16.4%) compared to other states (5.8%). According to, marijuana significantly impairs judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time.

The connection between cell phone use and injury is fairly obvious. An increase in the number of individuals who use smart phones directly correlates with an increase in pedestrian fatalities. Unfortunately, many pedestrians walk while texting/using social media, etc., and there’s drivers on the road doing the same thing. The combination of distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians is a recipe for disaster. 

If you or a loved one were hurt due to an impaired driver, or a distracted driver, we’ll hold them accountable.