The Effects of Kernicterus

Kernicterus is an uncommon type of brain damage which occurs in newborns who have not been diagnosed with or received proper treatment for Jaundice (a build up of the chemical bilirubin in a newborns blood.)

Jaundice is common amongst newborns. Luckily treatment is often effective and noninvasive. Its only when symptoms are missed, or misdiagnosed that there is a risk for Kernicterus.

The effect of Kernicterus varies, but generally includes:

  •  Some level of brain damage

  •  Difficulties with speech

  •  Decreased motor skills

  •  Intellectual disabilities

Common treatment includes:

  •  Physical Therapy

  •  Speech Therapy

  •  Special Education

What does this mean for your child and your family?

It’s important to note that Kernicterus is a preventable condition.  If your child developed Kernicterus it is plausible to assume there was an error or medical negligence at some point. Unfortunately Kernicterus typically has life long implications and requires ongoing medical assistance.

Caring for and treating a child with Kernicterus can become quite costly. It is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible if your child is suffering from Kernicterus. There is no cap or limit on the amount of damages allotted to medical malpractice victims in New York State. Experienced birth injury attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP are prepared to answer your questions and help you through this difficult time. Click here to contact us today.