The 5 Most Dangerous Recalled Drugs

Many drugs have been pulled off the market in the past few years due to serious complication, but here are 5 of the most dangerous drugs that were once on the market:

  1. Vioxx: This anti-inflammatory drug was pulled off the global market in 2004. A study found that it significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular “events” such as heart attacks and strokes. Side effects include abdominal pain, tenderness or discomfort, nausea, blood in your vomit, weight gain, swelling or water retention, fatigue, skin rash, itching, yellowing of skin or eyes, flu-like symptoms, or unusual bleeding or bruising.
  2. Bextra: This drug was found to cause an increase risk of heart attack and stroke. Pfizer pulled Bextra off the market in 2005. Serious skin reactions have occurred in patients taking valdecoxib (the active ingredient in Bextra). Side effects are very similar to those experienced when consuming Vioxx.
  3. Cylert: This ADHD drug was pulled off the market in 2005 after the FDA discovered 13 cases of liver failure. Patients taking Cylert increase their rate of liver failure by 25%. Also known as Pemoline, this drug is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Side effects include an allergic reaction, liver damage, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, seizures, confusion or hallucinations, unusual movements of the tongue, lips, face, arms or legs.
  4. Baycol: This is a cholesterol-lowering drug that was pulled off the market in 2001. There were 31 reported deaths linked to Baycol. This drug blocks the production of cholesterol in the body and reduced the amounts of LDL (bad) cholesterol and the amount of triglycerides (another type of fat). Side effects include allergic reaction, muscle aches, pain and weakness, fever, flu-like symptoms, blurred vision, yellowing of skin or eyes, dizziness, and rash.
  5. Palladone: This drug was developed for adults with around-the-clock pain that is moderate to severe and expected to last for weeks or longer. The generic name is hydromorphone. Side effects include weak or shallow breathing, pounding heartbeats or fluttering wheezing, seizure, confusion, drowsiness, feeling as if you might pass out, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

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