TD Bank Data Breach

If you received a Notice of Data Breach letter from TD Bank, you are at risk of serious financial harm. Contact our data breach team to discuss your legal options.

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We hold corporations like TD Bank accountable for failing to protect sensitive customer information, often causing serious financial harm to consumers.

Overview of the TD Bank Data Breach

TD Bank Data Breach

TD Bank notified the Office of the Maine Attorney General of a data breach on May 12, 2023. TD had received information from NCB Management Services regarding the breached security of the data of certain TD customers.

TD Bank’s filing stated an unauthorized party accessed customer files, which included their names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and account numbers. TD Bank then notified the relevant customers of the data leak.

TD’s filing with the Maine Attorney General indicates that TD Bank uses NCB Management Services to collect outstanding debts. This means that NCB obtained sensitive data regarding TD customers.

In early February 2023, a party obtained unauthorized access to the NCB computer system. NCB Management Services investigated and confirmed that files with confidential consumer information were part of the compromised materials. These files include some TD Bank customers who already paid their loans and closed their accounts.

NCB informed TD Bank of the breach involving TD customers’ information on April 14, 2023. TD reviewed the compromised data to determine the extent of the breach involving the Bank’s customers. It sent out notifications to all affected individuals about the possible access to their data.

If your information was part of the TD Bank data breach, someone may steal your identity. This costly problem only worsens when companies fail to protect their customers’ sensitive data, including names, SSNs, birthdates, addresses, and financial information.

Anyone affected by the TD Bank data breach should consult an experienced data breach lawyer to mitigate the damage and seek legal recourse for any harm they suffered.

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