Taking These Two Easy Steps May Protect your Child from Injury

If you are a parent, your children are most likely the center of your world. There is nothing more important than keeping your little ones safe, healthy, and happy. Many parents don’t realize there are hidden dangers lurking within their own homes. Unstable furniture and TVs are a common cause of preventable injuries among children. That is why it important to take precautions before serious injuries occur. These useful tips may help protect your children from preventable injuries:

1. Step one: Anchor your furniture

By securing furniture to your walls with wall straps, brackets, or braces and inserting stoppers in dresser drawers you could prevent serious injuries. Baby/child proofing your house is the best way to prevent furniture from tipping over. Most baby/childproofing items can be found at local hardware stores and improvement shops.

2.  Step Two: Channel your inner child

Children of any age can be unpredictable, which makes keeping them out of harm’s way a challenge. Next time your adult brain is trying to find a solution to an issue with your little one, consider what your inner child would think or do in the situation. Here’s an example: when we don’t want our children to have something, what do we do?  We place it somewhere high (on a shelf, on the top of the fridge, etc.). This may seem logical to your adult brain, but if you listen to your inner child you’ll realize there’s a good chance you’re actually encouraging your little one to climb your bookshelf like it’s a tree.

Parenting isn’t always easy, but preventing injuries in your home doesn’t have to be hard. We hope you & your family find these safety tips helpful.

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