Survivng a Traffic Jam

If you were on or around state route 84 Thursday, May 7th odds are you experienced what many consider to be one of the worst traffic jams the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge area has experienced in years. While traffic jams can invoke panic, frustrations, and even rage, keep these tips in mind to remain safe in the event you find yourself stuck:

  • Tune your radio to the local department of transportation. This may be your best bet in determining the cause of the jam, expected wait time, and any alternate routes.
  • Stay alert! Never recline in your seat and never allow yourself to doze off. Falling asleep at the wheel is a very real risk.
  • While traffic jam robberies in the US aren’t extremely prevalent, if you feel unsafe or at risk it is advised to take off your jewelry, remove debit/credit cards/large amounts of cash from your purse or wallet and put in a safe place, and keep your doors locked.
  • Even if you’re at a standstill or driving slow- you are still driving! If you need to use your GPS, answer emails, or call someone, pull over.
  • Do not exit your vehicle. This is unsafe for various reasons: 1) it is not safe to leave your vehicle unattended. 2) You could be hit by other motorists when standing in a roadway.
  • Watch out for “zig zaggers”- the motorists who frequently zig and zag between lanes to get ahead.
  • Traffic laws still apply, driving in the breakdown lane or using your handheld devise could result in a ticket or worse, an injury.
  • Slow down as soon as you see signs warning of traffic ahead or construction zones.
  • Finally, be courteous of other drivers. You’re in different cars but the same boat. Do your part to stay calm and maintain a safe, organized situation.

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