Surprised to Find the Number of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes Are Actually on the Rise?

The number of fatal motorcycle crashes has risen since the late 90’s. In a world where we have “smart cars” and more safety features than ever before why is the number of motorcyclist deaths higher than in years past?

While there is no definitive answer there are several contributing factors. 

Motorcycle – Motor vehicle Crashes and the Risks of Driver Distraction: Several studies show that more often than not when a motor vehicle and a motorcycle are involved in a serious crash the driver of the car is often at fault, or more at fault, then than the driver of the motorcycle. Distracted driving is a deadly epidemic. Motorcyclists are especially susceptible to incurring serious injury as a result of a distracted driving crash.

Experience and Lack Thereof: Steer clear of teenage drivers, right? Wrong. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety motorcyclists over the age of 50 were involved in more fatal crashes than drivers under the age of 29. Motorcyclists of all ages are encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities to grow or maintain their skillset.  

Location: In 2013 the number of fatal motorcycle crashes on non-interstate major roads was significantly higher then the number of deaths on interstates and freeways or minor roads. Almost 90 percent of ATV deaths in 2013 took place on “minor roads.” So contrary to popular belief the motorcyclist speeding down the highway next to you as actually at less risk for a fatal crash than a motorcyclist on his own street. 

What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents? Whether you drive a Harley or a Minivan the facts of what actually cause motorcycle crashes listed above may have surprised you.  

•    Motor vehicle drivers: Remember your vehicle has the potential to cause catastrophic injury to a motorcyclist. 
•    Experienced and inexperienced motorcyclists: Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic, brush up on your skills, keep learning how to stay safe on the roads and encourage other motorcyclists to do the same. 
•    All drivers: the back roads we travel every day are often the most dangerous; don’t become so comfortable that your driving becomes a danger to yourself or others. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash contact us today.