Success! Another VSG Win! Vietnam Vet awarded Retro Benefits of $55,588.00

VSG Represents Veterans NATIONWIDE. This Win was on behalf of a Veteran who resides in Florida. The Vietnam Veteran served in the U.S. Army from September 1968 to June of 1971. He made a Claim with the VA on April 9, 2009 for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Angina as well as Diabetes Mellitis (DM2) and Peripheral Neuropathy SECONDARY to the DM2 in his upper left and right lower extremities. The Claim was denied. A Notice of Disagreement was submitted on March 15, 2010 and the Veteran, just recently, received a favorable decision. In the decision the VA acknowledged that the veteran’s military records and statements in support established that he served in the DMZ. Therefore, the VA conceded that he had been exposed to herbicides, a/k/a Agent Orange, while in service. This entitled him to automatic service connection for the Ischemic Heart Disease (claimed as CAD and Angina) as well as the DM2 and Peripheral Neuropathy secondary to the DM2. VA GRANTED service connection as follows: 10% for Ischemic Heart Disease retroactive to 8/31/10 (date the regulation was adopted for this illness) 30% for Ischemic Heart Disease retroactive to 8/30/13 20% for DM2 10% Peripheral Neuropathy Secondary to the DM2 for the left upper extremity. 10% Peripheral Neuropathy Secondary to the DM2 for the right lower extremity. The Veteran’s Overall Combined Rating is 70%. He has been awarded $55,588.00 in retroactive benefits and will receive disability benefits for his service connected illnesses going forward. Congratulations to this deserving Veteran and Great job VSG!!!!!