Spring on the Taconic, Important Information for New York Motorists

Many New Yorkers are familiar with the 104-mile highway that cuts through the state, known as the Taconic Parkway. The Taconic was initially designed as a scenic route to upstate New York State Parks. In the 50 plus years since the completed version of the highway opened it’s transformed into a frequently utilized roadway, more commonly known for its danger than scenery. 

The Taconic presents motorists with a number of obstacles, including narrow lanes, an absence of breakdown lanes, intersecting roadways, and an abundance of wildlife. Drivers add to the inherent danger by speeding, tailgating, and driving distracted.

This spring while driving on the Taconic, keep the following in mind:

Narrow lanes dominate much of the Taconic, even a slight error could quickly result in a major crash. Breakdown lanes are missing on long stretches of the Taconic, so, if a driver is pulled over to the side of the road it’s highly likely the right lane will be obstructed. Driver attention is key in safely navigating the narrow lanes of the Taconic.

Intersecting roadways are a known cause of Taconic Parkway crashes. Motorists pulling onto and off of the highway often fail to safely merge and end up colliding with oncoming vehicles.

Animal obstructions are especially common on the Taconic. In some areas you’ll see deer crossing or other signs indicating a heightened risk of encountering wildlife, but in all reality you should always be on the lookout for critters on the Taconic. In mid-May, 2016, a small bear was found dead on the Taconic near Hopewell Junction. According to a spokeswoman with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation 10-20 bears are killed on NY roadways each year. 

Tips for animal encounters on the Taconic:

  • Don’t swerve, you could easily sideswipe another motorist
  • Do not slam on your breaks
  • Be cautious, there could more additional animals approaching (deer, for instance, are pack animals)

We encourage you to take the information above into consideration while traveling on the Taconic. Drivers who speed, tailgate, or drive distracted on the Taconic present a real danger not only to themselves but to each and every person they share the road with. A crash on the Taconic can quickly become a multi vehicle wreck, jeopardizing the safety and wellbeing of innocent and vulnerable drivers, like motorcyclists, who are at an increased risk of sustaining serious or deadly injuries if involved in an accident.

If you see an obstruction in the road, such dead deer which are common this time of year, call 911 to report the information – this will help keep the roadway and your fellow travelers safe. For more information about the Taconic, click here. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a wreck on the Taconic contact us today.