Sports & Gym Class Safety Tips

As our children head back to school for a new year, sports and gym class will likely be on their agenda. It is important to keep our kids as safe as possible while they are engaging in these physical activities. There are simple things parents and coaches can do to help reduce preventable sports injuries. First, Get The Shocking Facts

  • Each year, 2.6 million children ages 19 and under receive medical treatment for sports-related injuries.
  • The most common area of injury is to the ankles (15%), followed by the head (14%).
  • Girls are 8 times more likely to have an ACL injury than boys.
  • 47% of youth sports-related concussions occur in children ages 12 – 15. Younger children take longer to recover from concussions than older children.
  • Every 3 minutes, a child in seen in an Emergency Room for a sport-related concussion.
  • Basketball is the number one activity that leads to a sports-related injury in children ages 12 – 17.

How to Prevent a Sports-Related Injury

  • Before engaging in organized sports, make sure your child receives a pre-participation physical exam. This can help determine if your child has any medical conditions that may place them at higher risk of injury.
  • Pack a water bottle or two for your child before practice or a game. Encourage them to hydrate regularly.
  • Encourage your child to stretch before and after practice or a game. This can help prevent against sports-related injuries, such as muscle tears and/or sprains.
  • During off-season, teach your child to continue practicing and to keep up their endurance levels so they aren’t at risk of injury when the season returns. But make sure they get the rest they need from the sport. Encourage them to play other sports throughout the year.
  • Make sure your child’s coach is certified in first aid and CPR. If they aren’t, discuss this with school officials.

If your child has sustained a serious sports-related injury, contact us for help. Read more about this topic.