Seven Winter Driving Myths

Winter is definitely here and we’re all taking caution when it comes to driving on slippery roads! Always stay inside during bad weather conditions, but if you must go out side follow these simple safety tips first. If you are driving in bad conditions, you’re likely to fall for one of these winter driving myths!:

  1. 1. MYTH – if you are driving in snowy or icy conditions, you should try to avoid using your brake, and instead slow down by using your gears.

REALITY – this depends on the exact circumstances. It is more important to make sure that  the vehicle is moving in a straight line when either increasing or decreasing speed. Any input from the driver to control the speed should be made as smoothly as possible.

  1. 2. MYTH – if you find you are skidding, you should steer into the skid.

REALITY – no! you should look in the direction in which you want to travel and steer that way.

  1. 3. MYTH – your fog lights are for incidences when there is fog only.

REALITY – this is not always the case. Your fog lights can be used when driving in conditions that make it harder to see other vehicles and when it’s hard for them to see you.

  1. 4. MYTH – in order to move a stationary vehicle in icy or snow, you must use hard revving to provide the initial incentive for movement.

REALITY – in fact, this application may further compact the snow and ice under your tires. Instead ,you should make sure that you are pulling with the drive wheels – go forward in a front wheel drive vehicle and backward in a rear wheel drive vehicle.

  1. 5. MYTH – it’s ok to go faster at night as there is less traffic and I’m less likely to crash.

REALITY –even if there is less traffic, it is NEVER ok to speed. And even if there is less traffic, you are faced with other factors such as decreased visibility and the likelihood of hitting an animal darting across the road. It’s also more likely that other drivers may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at this time.

  1. 6. MYTH – as long as I clean my windshield from snow, I’ll be fine.

REALITY – you should always clear your entire car off for not only the safety of yourself but the safety of other drivers!

  1. 7. MYTH – modern vehicle technology will help/save me if something goes wrong.

REALITY – yes, technology has  certainly improved road safety, but it is up to you as the driver to keep yourself safe. Technology should not be relied upon and you should always take proper precaution when driving in poor weather conditions! If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, we can help. Read more about these winter driving myths.