September 5, 2011: Finkelstein & Partners Launches New Community Service Program

Finkelstein & Partners launches new community service program.
“As a firm we have always believed in the importance of giving back”, said Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein.  “This program gives our employees the opportunity to use firm time to volunteer. We hope this will not only encourage employees to volunteer but also enable those who would not otherwise be able to fit community service into their schedule to do so.”
The community service program will be implemented in all of the firm’s 18 offices and grants any employee who wishes to participate the opportunity to volunteer on a paid basis at local organizations serving those people in need in the community.  Firm participants will be able to take up to 4 hours a month during their work schedule to volunteer and be paid as if they were working. Volunteers will share their experiences on the community service page (in progress).
“I am so  pleased to know that our firm is reaching out to the community this way”, noted Jacqueline Banks, an employee with the firm for 11 years.  “I have worked in the past for a nonprofit organization serving children and teens and I know how much community service is needed and appreciated.”
Continued Mr. Finkelstein, “Our people can be involved first-hand with the organizations who are making a difference in the communities where we have offices.  I think we will all reap benefits that extend far beyond what a corporate sponsorship ever could.”
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