Safety Panel Offers Guide to Address School Violence

After 13 meetings, the Ulster County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee has weighed in with a report detailing the resources needed to address potential school violence, according to an article in the Times-Herald Record. Following the Sandy Hook massacre last year, the committee included a variety of county law enforcement, educational and mental health officials. It was recommended that 18 individual actions relating to schools, the larger community, and the role of the police and judiciary can play in preparing for and responding to any future school violence outbreaks. Among the many recommendation was one for a “panic button” at all schools that would summon help if phone lines were cut. Also suggested was that the county creates a local law that requires a certain number of school lock-down drills. Members of the county’s health and social services departments recommended increased suicide and violence prevention efforts and to monitor high-risk cases. Representatives of local schools recommended that all schools offer in-school safety awareness programs at age-appropriate levels. This would include gun safety, self-defense training and Scared Straight programs. Contact us today for a free case appraisal or chat with one of our live agents 24/7.