Safety at Summer Camp

Summer day camp or sleep away camp has many fun and exciting things to offer kids during the out-of-school months. But before packing your child off to camp, there are some safety tips you need to know and follow:

1.    Schedule a doctor’s appointment: Make sure their shots are up-to-date, they haven’t developed any new allergies, and make sure their health is in good standing. Most camps have written health policies and protocols anyway. All children attending the camp should be required to have a complete exam by a doctor in the past year to be up-to-date on all shots.
2.    Make Sure Camp Leaders Have Your Child’s Medical History: All parents should make sure that the camp and the counselors know of any allergies your child has or any other health conditions. Even if they do not have anything serious, it’s important that the camp has a copy of their medical history.
3.    Learn About the Camp: As a parent you may want to find out how the camp handles outbreaks of homesickness. 8 out of 10 campers report being homesick at least one day at camp, according to American Camping Association statistics. Less than 10% of those cases are actually serious.
4.    Ask About What Your Child Will Be Doing: Ask your camp about what your child will actually be doing during their stay. If your child has a serious condition, make sure you inform the counselors as well as other camp staff so they know not to allow your child to engage in a certain activity if necessary. 
5.    Send Them Away Prepared: Although the camp will and should have a first-aid center, it can’t hurt to send your child along with a first-aid kid. If necessary, send them with Benedryl or Epi-pens for children who suffer from serious attacks if exposed to a known allergen.

Summer camp can be a great, social experience for your child, but it’s extremely important that you take the proper safety measures before packing their bags.

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