Richmond University Medical Center Data Breach

In May 2023, Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) on Staten Island, New York, suffered a ransomware attack that caused significant disruption to its operations.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software that prevents access to electronic files by encrypting them. Ransomware attackers demand payment, or a ransom, from the owner of the files to decrypt them and restore access.

According to news reports, the attack on RUMC’s systems resulted in multi-week disruptions in the hospital’s ability to use its systems. During at least some of that time, hospital staff had to resort to entering patient data manually and nurses were assigned to individually monitor patients.

At least one patient reported having difficulty obtaining records of the care she received at RUMC during that period, which were required for insurance coverage. As of September 2023, the extent of patient or facility information compromised by the attack remains unknown.

Patients Potentially At Risk for Identity Theft and Other Fallout

Richmond University Medical Center Data Breach

News reports suggest that it took weeks for RUMC to recover from the ransomware attack and that, as of mid-June, investigations continued into its potential impact on sensitive information. If the attackers managed to breach patient records, it could spell trouble for those affected.

Identity theft rings take aim at hospitals like RUMC because they’re a rich trove of personal and financial information to use in carrying out fraudulent schemes against banks, credit card issuers, government programs, retailers, and others.

Thieves use stolen patient data to sign up for accounts, take out loans, and obtain merchandise, all of which can ruin victims’ finances and credit scores and cause significant reputational harm. The damage done by identity thieves may take years to resolve, not to mention the significant cost, effort, and emotional toll.

In addition, RUMC patients affected by the ransomware attack may suffer other adverse consequences. It is, as yet, too early to know for certain whether and to what extent the breach interfered with patient care. And as mentioned, concerns have been raised about whether the manual record-keeping RUMC had to resort to will interfere with patients’ ability to obtain insurance benefits.

If RUMC has notified you that the May 2023 ransomware attack on its systems resulted in a breach of your sensitive patient data, or you have experienced health, personal, or financial challenges that you believe resulted from the attack, you may have the legal right to demand compensation for the past and potential future harm you have suffered.

The knowledgeable data breach attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners want to help you evaluate your legal options. We represent victims of data breaches and other cyber attacks who have suffered known or potential harm because of hackers’ penetration of systems containing their sensitive personal information.

Our team can investigate the potential seriousness of a breach and its potential to cause you harm. In many cases, we can also take immediate steps to limit the damage you suffer and pursue compensation for your current and potential future losses.

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If you are a current or former patient of Richmond University Medical Center on Staten Island, you have the right to know if the May 2023 ransomware attack on the hospital’s systems compromised your sensitive personal information or interfered with the quality of your care.

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