R&B Corporation of Virginia Data Breach

Did you receive notice from R&B Corporation of Virginia that a data breach compromised your information? If so, immediately consult a data breach lawyer at Finkelstein & Partners.

This leak of your sensitive information can lead to serious financial harm, stress, and other problems, but you have legal rights to seek relief. You need the right legal assistance under these circumstances, and our team has recovered millions for our consumer clients.

R&B Corporation of Virginia does business under the name of Credit Control Corporation (CCC). This company handles debt collections and other cash flow relief services for many different creditors and corporations. Now, some of its consumer files have experienced a security breach, opening many people up to possible identity theft and other financial issues.

Overview of the R&B/CCC Data Breach

R&B Corporation of Virginia Data Breach

R&B Corporation of Virginia d/b/a Credit Control Corporation filed official notice of a data breach on May 15, 2023. Reports indicate that an unauthorized party copied information from certain files in the corporation’s computer network between March 2, 2023, and March 7, 2023. An investigation revealed that some copied information included consumer names and Social Security numbers.

While CCC isolated and secured affected networks, it was too late to avoid all suspicious and illegal activity. The company identified which consumers were subject to data exposure and issued notices of the data breach to affected individuals on May 15, 2023.

When Social Security numbers are part of a data breach, individuals become vulnerable to a range of fraudulent activities and financial harm. Cybercriminals can use these numbers to open credit accounts, apply for loans, or make unauthorized purchases, all under the victim’s name. This can lead to substantial financial losses and damage to credit scores.

Additionally, exposed Social Security numbers enable identity theft, where perpetrators may file fraudulent tax returns or gain unauthorized access to sensitive accounts. Victims often face a lengthy and stressful process of rectifying these issues, including disputing unauthorized charges, freezing accounts, and dealing with credit bureaus.

Moreover, the emotional distress and anxiety resulting from such a breach can be significant. Prompt action after a breach can mitigate these risks and give you peace of mind following the exposure of your sensitive information.

Discover How a Data Breach Attorney Can Protect You

The moment you receive a data breach notice, take immediate action. Pick up the phone or contact a data breach lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners online promptly. We have the experience and resources to handle these cases and go up against major corporations on behalf of consumers.

We can navigate the intricacies of data privacy laws and will promptly investigate the breach’s impact on your sensitive information. Your attorney will craft a tailored strategy to protect your rights and seek compensation for any damages incurred.

Delaying this critical step can damage your credit. Act swiftly and consult a data breach lawyer to safeguard your interests after any data breach.

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