Preparing for Your Summer Road Trip

Packing up for a road trip this summer? The checklist below may help to keep you and your family/friends safe on your journey.

Planning Ahead

•    Have you mapped out your trip? You may find your GPS suggest roads that are dangerous/difficult to navigate, like the Taconic Parkway (link to blog). See if there are alternate routes available to avoid risky roads.
•    If your traveling with little ones or furry friends be sure to plan for stops along the way. Having a planned itinerary can help in avoiding distracted driving.

Vehicle Prep

•    Has your vehicle been serviced recently?
•    Have you checked your tire pressure? Do you have a spare tire in your vehicle?
•    Do you have a flashlight in your vehicle in case of an emergency?
•    Are car seats properly installed?
•    Have you programed your GPS? Doing so while driving is dangerous can could result in a serious crash
•    Is everyone in their seatbelt?