Police Using Social Media to Crack Down on Dangerous Drivers

Earlier this summer a Michigan man was shocked to find State Police standing at his door, with damming evidence he supplied!

The man, a manager at a car dealership and car enthusiast, created and posted videos of his high-speed joy rides on Facebook. In one video the man exceeds 100mph. Concerned citizens and Facebook friends took note of the reckless behavior and contacted Michigan State Police. The Michigan man is one of several whose social media behavior has resulted in criminal investigations.

Snapchat made headlines less than a year ago because of a filter that tracks speed in MPH while the photo, or “driving selfie” is taken.

What many people may or may not realize is that in many cases, your social media activity can be used against you in court. When talking to your teen’s about distracted driving, ask them how comfortable they would be with a court room of strangers reading their personal texts!