Onix Group Data Breach

In late May 2023, Pennsylvania-based real estate company Onix Group disclosed that it had experienced a “ransomware incident” two months earlier. According to Onix, between March 20 and 27, an unauthorized person accessed the company’s network, corrupted certain systems, and removed a subset of files.

Onix, which owns properties and provides management and consulting services in the hospitality and healthcare industries, reported that the breach compromised information about nearly 320,000 individuals whose data was stored on its systems.

The leaked information may have included their names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and scheduling, billing, and clinical information regarding their care at facilities owned or operated by Addiction Recovery Systems, Cadia Healthcare, Physician’s Mobile X-Ray, Onix Group, and Onix Hospitality Group.

Certain human resources information was also compromised, including individuals’ names, Social Security numbers, direct deposit information, and health plan enrollment information.

Rights of Data Breach Victims

Onix Group Data Breach

The information exposed in the Onix Group data breach appears to have been highly sensitive in many cases. Its numerous victims now face the prospect of potentially severe financial, personal, and reputational consequences.

Identity thieves can often use Social Security numbers and billing information to perpetrate frauds against financial institutions, government agencies and others, ruining the victim’s finances and creditworthiness in the process.

In addition, if the breach exposed clinical information about addiction treatment and other healthcare patients received, it could put them at risk for harassment, blackmail, or public embarrassment.

In many cases, the threat of harm from a data breach can last for years, taking tens of thousands of dollars and enormous efforts to remedy, while exacting a heavy psychological toll.

If you received a notice from Onix Group that you are among the nearly 320,000 individuals whose data was compromised in the recent breach, or if you believe you are potential victim because you received care from one of the entities named above, the law may entitle you to significant compensation for the harm you have already suffered and may suffer in the future.

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Our law firm has years of experience representing victims of data breaches. We’re proficient in investigating your risks due to a data breach and taking legal action seeking compensation from those who failed to keep your most sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

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The massive breach of data stored on Onix Group’s systems exposed sensitive personal information about hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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