Not Ready for Frigid Cold Weather? Your Car May not be Either

With temperatures dipping to almost unbearable lows, its important to prepare yourself AND your vehicle for the unexpected. These nine bad winter habits, published by, could ruin your car and put you and others at serious risk for injury and even death:

  1. Forgetting to change your windshield wipers. Proper visibility is absolutely vital to your safety.
  2. While it’s smart to warm up your vehicle before driving, don’t let your car sit in idle for too long, this could damage or ruin your spark plugs.
  3. Be sure your tires are in good shape.
  4. Double check your tire pressure.
  5. You should still be mindful of the sun in the winter. Not only can bright sun damage your windshield, it can also limit visibility.
  6. Too little gas in your tank could lead to ice in your fuel lines.
  7. When cleaning your windshield don’t take shortcuts like pouring hot water onto your vehicle, this could crack the glass. If you chose to drive with snow or ice accumulation on your vehicle you could find yourself with a ticket, or worse, the cause of a crash.
  8. Do not slam on your breaks if you hit ice. Because of this common mistake drivers often lose control and cause head on crashes or veer off the road. Instead of slamming on your breaks try to stay calm and gently turn the steering wheel in the direction you are sliding while lightly tapping the brake.  
  9. For many of us living in the tristate area we have years of experience driving in inclement weather, but even for the most experienced driver, overconfidence can result in serious injury. There is never a good reason to speed, especially during cold weather conditions.


If you or a loved one were injured due to a dangerous driver contact us today.