Non Profit Hospitals in New York, Millions Being Spent on Staff As Oppose to Patients

A number of alarming issues surrounding New York State hospitals have recently made headlines. While activists, victims, and concerned citizens ban together to push for better quality healthcare, some non-profit doctors and execs are enjoying extravagant perks, like first class plane tickets, chauffeurs, and country club memberships. 

“On picket lines, union workers have complained that exorbitant hospital pay drives up healthcare prices and reduces staffing at the pay scale’s bottom rung. Hospital officials have countered that the high pay is necessary to attract and retain top talent.”- Lohud

While admin denies that excessive pay and perks effects patient well being, continuous reports of understaffing, staff negligence, and medical errors leave many wondering if allocating portions of the exorbitant pay of top staff back into the hospital would result in a better, safer, patient experience. 

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