NextGen Healthcare Data Breach

Did you receive notice that your data was part of the breach of NextGen Healthcare’s system? If so, your sensitive data is vulnerable to fraudulent use by cyber attackers or parties that purchase stolen data. You should immediately consult experienced data breach attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners regarding your legal options and protections.

NextGen Healthcare provides electronic health records software and practice management programs to a wide range of medical providers across the U.S. Not only does the company’s system store the personal information of patients, such as names and Social Security numbers, but also medical and health records, which have strict protections under HIPAA.

Overview of the NextGen Healthcare Breach

NextGen Healthcare Data Breach

NextGen notified officials of a data breach of patient files on April 28, 2023. The corporation received alerts of suspicious activity in late March and later realized that cyber attackers had access to file systems from March 29 to April 14, 2023. The company stated hackers stole credentials to access its network and data for more than one million patients.

NextGen Healthcare revealed that hackers were able to access the following information regarding affected patients:

  • Names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Addresses
  • Dates of birth

The company reported it found no threat to medical or health data that would violate patient rights under HIPAA.

NextGen sent a notification to affected individuals on April 28, 2023. The company offered 24 months of free identity theft protection and fraud detection. This was the second major cyberattack on NextGen this year, as the company experienced a ransomware attack in January. That attack exposed employee information, while this data breach involved significantly more widespread exposure of patient data.

A data breach can lead to identity theft by exposing sensitive personal information. When cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to databases containing data like Social Security numbers, financial records, and addresses, they can exploit this information for fraudulent activities.

They may open credit accounts, apply for loans, or make purchases in the victim’s name. This leads to financial losses and damage to credit scores. Additionally, perpetrators might sell the stolen data, which can lead to identity theft on a larger scale. Victims must then undergo a rigorous process to rectify the situation, involving disputing charges, freezing accounts, and seeking legal relief.

Experienced Data Breach Attorneys Can Help

Receiving a data breach notice requires swift action. Waste no time—immediately call a data breach lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners. We have seen firsthand the damage a data breach can cause to consumers, and our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for clients following data exposure and financial harm.

With our support, you can proactively protect your rights and seek appropriate compensation for any damages. Delaying action can potentially compromise your legal position and options for financial recovery.

Act promptly, consult a data breach lawyer, and protect yourself if you are the victim of the NextGen Healthcare data breach. Our New York personal injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners also dealing data beach cases can identify the losses you suffered and seek compensation as relief for what you experienced due to NextGen’s security failures.

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