Newburgh Water

Just months ago Newburgh residents received news that no community ever wants to hear: the community’s water source had been contaminated.  It was discovered Newburgh’s water source contained Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, or PFOS, a pollutant with the potential to cause a number of serious diseases, including kidney disease and some cancers. 

Recently the assembly passed legislation that allows those sickened by exposure to chemicals, like PFOS, three years to sue from the date of a Superfund declaration.  

“Previously, the law limited claims to within three years of an illness being discovered, which meant some people could see their ability to sue end before they found out they were exposed to chemicals.

‘We extended the statute of limitations to ensure that people who have been exposed, and that were not aware of the exposure … will have an opportunity for remediation and compensation,’ said Assemblyman Frank Skartados, whose district includes Newburgh.”- Times Herald Record 

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