New York Couple Receives Major Settlement in Surgical Negligence Case

An Ulster County family was recently awarded 1.75 million dollars in compensation in a surgical negligence law suit.

The victim in this case suffered complications after a scheduled muscle repair surgery. The damage caused during the initial surgery resulted in a series of corrective surgeries.

The suit alleged hospital personnel failed to meet the required standard of care during and after the surgery by failing to properly treat an infection.

Surgical errors are estimated to account for 2/3 of medical malpractice cases.*

Data shows that surgical infections are not uncommon. A surgical infection can affect patients in any number of ways. In some cases healing is delayed and antibiotics are required. In other cases additional surgical procedures are required. In severe cases a surgical infection can be fatal.

As a patient it is your right to assume medical personnel has followed protocol and has taken all necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the possibility of surgical infection.

If you or a loved one has developed an infection after a surgical procedure consider contacting a medical malpractice attorney. Click here to contact an attorney today. You will be prompted to fill out a brief contact form and a staff member will contact you shortly to discuss your potential case.

*JAMA Internal Medicine