New York College Students Working to End Cyber-bullying

According to, more than half of all adolescents and teens report being cyberbullied. It’s important that as parents, educators, and role models we’re aware of the issues our teens are facing. We should strive to provide teens with a safe environment, and encourage their active involvement in maintaining a safe, bully-free environment. Siena College and AT&T teamed up to tackle the issue of Cyberbullying through a peer-to-peer prevention program, known as the “Upstander Program”.

 “As part of the program, trained Siena College students visit schools across the state to help educate students, teachers and administrators on the growing threat of cyberbullying with workshops, tools and resources to combat it.

The program came to Poughkeepsie High School for the first Hudson Valley Student Cyberbullying event on Friday [November 3rd, 2017]. “-Poughkeepsie Journal

The program encourages students to notify an adult or intervene if they witness cyberbullying, instead of being a bystander.

Studies show about one in four kids in the U.S. are bullied on a regular basis. There is a strong link between bullied students and depression, and also between bullied students and suicide. This is why it’s imperative that we do all that we can to prevent bullying.

The website offers a number of tool for parents and students, including information on how to handle bullies, how to help people that have been bullied, and bullying intervention. Click here to learn more.

Because it is so important to protect the young citizens of our community, and to ensure those who cause harm or fail to prevent it are held accountable, we formed the Finkelstein & Partners Litigation Group. Contact us today for more information.