New VA regulations for P.T.S.D. truly beneficial to Veterans?

The VA recently announced, and President Obama recently endorsed, new VA regulations concerning service connection for P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) claims. The new regulations, though touted as liberalizing the evidentiary standard for Veterans claiming service connection for P.T.S.D., will nonetheless require confirmation by a VA psychiatrist/psychologist, that the claimed “stressor” while in service, was adequate to support a diagnosis of P.T.S.D. This raises serious questions and doubts concerning whether a veteran will be given a fair and unbiased medical diagnosis in this regard. Raising the potential for yet additional hurdles over which a veteran must jump, in order to attain the service connection he/she deserves. Other than this questionable benefit, the new regulation will apply to claims received by the VA on or after July 13, 2010; received before July 13, 2010 but not yet decided by a VA regional office; appeals to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals on or after July 13, 2010, but not yet decided by the Board; and pending before the VA on or after July 13, 2010, because the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims vacated a Board decision and remanded for re-adjudication.