New Safety Campaign Reminds Drivers of Individual Responsibility

Did you know trucks can take 40% longer to stop than other vehicles? They also typically weigh 20 to 30 times more that passenger vehicles. Trucks also have larger blind spots and usually cannot maneuver roads with the ease of those in automobiles.   It’s no wonder that these massive moving machines can quickly create dangerous situations on the roads, but what about those of us in smaller vehicles, what part do we play in preventing truck crashes?

According the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drivers should remember to take caution around commercial motor vehicles. A new safety campaign, “Our Roads, Our Responsibility” was designed to better educate drivers about the additional risk factors associated with commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Drivers are encouraged to do the following:

  • Keep out of CMVs blind spots, or “no zones”
  • Ensure you can see the driver of the large druck or bus in your mirror before passing
  • Leave enough space when merging in front of CMVs
  • Avoid distractions, remain patient and wear your seatbelt. 

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