Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics: Get the Facts

The NYSDMC released statistical data in regards to motor vehicle accidents in New York State.

Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2013

• There were a total of 304,804 crashes in New York State in 2013, only 259,740 were reported by police.

• Of those 304,804 crashes, 1,109 (or 4%) were fatal. All were reported by police.

• Of those 304,804 crashes, 124,505 were non-fatal personal injury crashes, only 114,592 were reported by police.

• There were 16,432 pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes in 2013 and 6,328 bicycle-motor vehicle crashes.

• 5,190 crashes were motorcycle crashes.

Out of the 304,804 crashes in 2013, most occurred between 3pm and 6pm (67,277), and on Fridays at 3pm-6pm (12,017).

  • Fridays yielded 51,257 accidents in total for the year of 2013, with 169 of those accidents being fatal.

Crashes with human factors accounted for 203,457 of all crashes in 2013. 955 crashes involving human error were fatal.

• Alcohol involvement accounted for 3% of all crashes, 132 of them being fatal.

• Driver inattention/distraction accounted for 19% of these crashes, the most common contributing factor to crashes. 127 were fatal and 25,098 resulting in personal injury.

• Not far behind driver distraction is following too closely which accounted for 16.9% of a crashes that year, resulting in 20,977 personal injuries.

• Failure to yield (right-of-way), was the third most common contributing factor to crashes in 2013, accounting for 15.8% of crashes, 165 of them being fatal.

• Driver inexperience accounted for 2.2% of crashes with 29 being fatal.

• The most fatal contributing factor caused by human error was speeding, or traveling at an unsafe speed. Speeding accounted for 11% of crashes with 313 of them being fatal.

Vehicular failure contributed to 10,101 crashes in 2013.

• 1,804 were a result of defective brakes – 0.7% of crashes, 2 were fatal.

• 1,567 were a result of a defective tire or tire failure – 0.6% of crashes, 9 were fatal.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of defective brakes or defect tires, or any other car manufacturer defect, contact us immediately to learn more about how we can help.

56.2% of drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes were male and 38.1% were female.

• There were 1,135 fatal accidents involving males and 382 involving females.

• The majority of males killed in crashes in 2013 were 21- 24-years old (129 fatalities).

• The majority of females killed in crashes in 2013 were 35- 49-years old (38 fatalities).

Motor vehicle crashes can sometimes be prevented. When we look at these statistics and see that driver inattention or distraction accounted for the majority of crashes in 2013, 19% of crashes, we know that these incidents can and should have been prevented.

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