Military Spouse Attorneys to Gain Admission To Bar in Certain States

Military Spouses move from state to state due to their military  lifestyle.  Military spouses who are attorneys face hurdles with respect to developing their careers and face challenges with respect to gaining admission to the Bar of various states.  The Military Spouse JD Network, which has grown to about 1,000 members, has been working behind the scenes for years to inform states about the need to make some accommodations for military spouses who practice law as a profession.  As a result, some states have adopted rules to ease the burden of attorneys with respect to gaining admission to the Bar.

Each state has discretion to grant attorneys with a license to practice. So far, six other states have adopted similar rules: Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, South Dakota and Texas.  The New Jersey Supreme Court just heard arguments in May, and, it is hoped that New Jersey will also pass such a regulation.