Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is “Signature Wound” of ongoing war.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are more difficult to detect which makes it easier for the military to leave them as undiagnosed or more aptly, un-acknowledged. In a typical brain injury case, doctors classify brain injuries as moderate or severe if patients are knocked unconscious for more than 30 minutes. These brain injuries are more obvious and once a concussed level is determined, doctors can then utilize scanning devices to detect internal damage. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is more difficult to detect. In cases the military recognizes, it claims that soldiers recover fully within weeks. However, there is a large group that do not. Despite being coined as “mild”, the brain injuries suffered are very serious. Veterans are experiencing long-term cognitive difficulties with memory, concentration and comprehension. Experts in this field have indicated that these individuals require cognitive rehabilitation therapy. However, Veterans who remain undiagnosed, and without service connected medical care, will continue to suffer and their condition will worsen.