Metro-North Makes Safety Changes After Bronx Derailment

On Friday, the Federal Railroad Administration issued an emergency order to Metro-North to modify existing signal systems to ensure speed limits are obeyed and two railroad employees operate trains on dangerous curves until the signal system is updated. Signal systems by the Spuyten-Duyvil curve, where the derailment occurred, have been altered to give the train engineers warning if the train is going to fast. Train brake will automatically be applied through radio-controlled signals if it is going more than 30 mph. The MTA is taking these emergency orders seriously. The railroad announced that by March signal protections will “automatically enforce speed restrictions” at four other critical curves: at Yonkers on the Hudson Line, White Plains on the Harlem Line, and Port Chester and Bridgeport of the New Haven Line. Metro-North conductors will be required to be with engineers in the cab during critical curves and bridges and verbally acknowledge speed limits being adhered to. Contact us for a free case appraisal today. Read more on this story.