Medinform Data Breach

In May 2023, medical billing company Medinform began notifying individuals that between December 5 and 21, 2022, an “unknown actor” had accessed its systems and viewed or downloaded information relating to patients of the Cleveland Clinic healthcare system, which was stored on Medinform’s network.

The intruder may have had unauthorized access to Cleveland Clinic patients’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical billing information, and financial account information. According to healthcare news outlet The HIPAA Journal, the breach potentially compromised 14,453 patient files.

Data Breach Victims’ Risks and Rights

Medinform Data Breach

Cleveland Clinic patients whose sensitive personal information was exposed in the Medinform data breach face potentially serious fallout. Identity theft can cause significant harm to a person’s finances, credit history, and reputation.

Hackers use private health and financial information stored in computer systems like Medinform’s to perpetrate fraudulent schemes against financial services companies, online retailers, and government aid programs, among others.

While bad actors reap the rewards of their illegal misconduct, identity theft victims struggle to repair the damage, which can take years and tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Oftentimes, the full scope of harm done by an identity thief may not become clear until years afterward.

If you received notification from Medinform that the December 2022 intrusion into its systems may have disclosed your sensitive patient data, or if you believe you are possibly a victim of the breach due to having been a Cleveland Clinic patient, you may have significant and valuable legal rights to receive compensation for the known or potential harm you’ve suffered.

In a free consultation, an experienced legal professional at Finkelstein & Partners can assess the risks you face and the potential legal actions you may take to address them.

Our firm represents data breach victims like you in lawsuits and other proceedings to remedy the harm that companies do when they don’t take adequate measures to protect your valuable and sensitive personal information. We know how to evaluate the scope of the potential harm you may have suffered from a data breach.

Often, we can also take prompt and substantial legal actions to hold those entrusted with safeguarding your data accountable for their failure to do so.

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The Medinform data breach in December 2022 may have significant adverse consequences for the many Cleveland Clinic patients whose health and financial information were potentially compromised.

If you are among them, you have no time to lose to begin protecting your rights. With every day that passes, the risks grow that an identity thief may try to use your data to perpetrate a fraud that has severe repercussions for your finances and reputation.

Through prompt and skilled legal action, a lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners may be able to limit the damage and secure meaningful compensation on your behalf. Our team has years of combined experience representing the interests of data breach victims like you.

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