Last Minute Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

You may be like a lot of other Americans and have left some of your holiday shopping to the very last minute! That’s OK. Here are some holiday shopping safety tips to keep you calm and safe in the stores and online:

Shopping in Stores

• Never buy more than you can carry. If you know you will need to buy a lot, plan ahead and take a friend who can fit your gifts in their car and always use a shopping cart.

• Never bring small children on last minute holiday shopping trips, especially on Christmas Eve. It tends to get very busy on the day before Christmas and little ones can get separated from their care givers or end up in the wrong hands.

• Save all of your receipts. It can get very busy for cashiers and mistakes do happen.

• Consider paying with cash to avoid credit card fraud for all your items but never carry too much cash on you at one time.

• Tell security if you see an unattended bag or package.

• Deter pickpockets. Never leave your wallet in your back pocket and never leave your purse in the seat of the shopping cart. Keep your purse on your shoulder and on your chest at all times.

• Have your keys in hand when entering the parking lot.

• Do not leave packages visible in your car windows. Be sure to lock your car whenever you head into a different store.

Online Shopping

• Before surfing the web, secure your personal information by updating your security software.

• Never have your computer remember you payment information.

• Make sure you have a secure password to any computer you are working on.

• Beware of bargains from companies with whom you are unfamiliar – if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

• Use secure websites only.

• Shop only with companies you trust.


To get more holiday shopping safety tips, visit the National Crime Prevent Council website.