Judge’s Surprise Ruling On Veteran’s Exposure to Toxic Chemicals On U.S. Military Base Called “Turning Point”

Many Veterans who served in areas other than the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, suffer from debilitating illnesses caused by their exposure to Agent Orange while in service.  Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle for them to obtain disability compensation from the U.S. Government.  To date, the U.S. Government has been unwilling to acknowledge their exposure. This is especially true for Veterans who were stationed in Korea in areas other than the DMZ.  Many were stationed at ASCOM Depot near the Port of Incheon, where, they assert, all supplies, inclusive of Agent Orange were received, stored and transported to the DMZ.  These Veterans, who are suffering and, many have died, have been unable to obtain disability compensation. In a recent decision however, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals has acknowledged the exposure of a Veteran who was stationed at Camp Carroll in Korea, after the Vietnam War, who was tasked with burying herbicides at that location in the 1970’s.  It is hoped that this will begin to peck away at VA denials and open the door to other such Veterans.  Read Article Here: