January 29, 2011: VA Ordered to Pay Claim Faster After Local Veteran Files Suit

NEWBURGH – A Vietnam-era veteran has won his case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to force the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay out his court-ordered claim in a more timely manner.
In September 2008, the Veterans Court ordered the Veterans Administration to pay veteran Cleveland Harvey compensation pay instead of military retirement pay, to assign an earlier start date for the payments and to calculate and pay out any additional money to which he was entitled.
But nothing happened for 18 months because of a series of VA delays and mistakes, which the court called “a parade of administrative miseries,” and Harvey returned to court in March 2010 to get his answer.
The court sided with Harvey and ordered the VA to pay his legal costs and a $20,000 sanction for civil contempt, noncompliance and lack of reasonable diligence.
Harvey was represented by Katrina Eagle, of Finklestein & Partners law firm.
As printed in the Times-Herald Record