If Your Teen Won’t Listen to You, They May Listen to This

As a parent you’ve likely heard a few dozen times how important it is to communicate with your children about personal safety and how to prevent tragic accidents from occurring. Effectively communicating can be hard for any parent, luckily there plenty of resources available.

BADD: Bikers against drunk driving, a non-profit dedicated to reducing “the incidence of drunk driving and its consequences through promotion and awareness to the mainstream in malls, major events, other tours and the media.” The homepage of baddcentral.com contains victim and survivor stories. Studies show that a message delivered in the form of a story is often more memorable then when presented in other forms.

Distraction.Gov: A government website for distracted driving. Click on the community pages to view distracted driving videos, including video testimonials from those who have survived serious distracted driving crashes and photos and videos about those who have tragically died in distracted driving crashes.

Safekidsworldwide: This interactive site is a fun way for teens and kids to learn about the dangers of distracted walking by talking in their language.

While finding the best ways to teach our kids how to make good decisions can be challenging, it’s certainly possible. For more recourses about teen driving safety tips, click here.