I Slipped and Fell at the Store, But There Was a Wet Floor Sign. Do I Have a Case?

Determining who is at fault when a slip and fall accident occurs in a store is challenging. There are several factors to be considered, and only the knowledge and skill of a personal injury attorney can help you decide if you should make a claim against a store. If you slipped and fell in a store where there was a wet floor sign, liability for your injuries is not as clear-cut as you might believe. Putting wet floor signs in or around a spill may not be enough of a reaction on the part of the store manager or owner to absolve them of liability in a slip and fall accident. A property owner or manager may need to take more steps to ensure the safety of their customers such as cleaning up the spill as quickly as possible or making sure that there are slip-resistant mats in and around the hazard. However, even if a customer sees the sign and proceeds with caution, a slip and fall accident may still occur. Liability depends on the facts and details of the case. How large was the spill? How many signs were out and were they easy to see? What did the sign say and how close was it to the spill? Does the floor itself have slip-resistant qualities?

As in all accidents, get medical help as soon as you have been hurt, and notify the property owner, manager or agent immediately. Fill out an incident report, take photographs and make sure you get the names and identifying information of any witnesses to the event.

Regardless of the causes for slip, trip and fall accidents, it is crucial to determine who is really at fault. In order to determine the right course of action, contact the personal injury attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP. Their team of personal injury professionals has the experience and knowledge to offer you the best legal representation and get you the compensation you deserve.

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