Hyundai Crash Victim Families Score $240 Million Punitive Verdict

Hyundai was hit with $248 million in damages, including a $240 million punitive award, for the deaths of two cousins in a 2011 crash that was allegedly caused by a weak component in the steering mechanism of the Hyundai Tiburon they were driving.

The Montana court found that the 2005 Tiburon contained a manufacturing defect in the right front steering knuckle that failed and caused the car to swerve across a median into oncoming traffic. The teenage driver, Trevor Olson, and his younger cousin, Tanner Olson, died in the crash, as did a woman in the oncoming vehicle.

The jury determined that the parents of the victims were entitled to $1 million and their sibling received $500,000 each to compensate for the wrongful deaths. The verdict also awarded $2.6 million for Trevor’s Olson’s lost earnings.

The jury then hit Hyundai with a separate $240 million punitive damages verdict for “actual malice,” in line with the plaintiffs’ argument at truck that the company chose not to recall the knuckles to boost its bottom line.

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