How Will You Get Home this Super Bowl Sunday?

The Super Bowl is a highly  anticipated event, whether you’re are watching it for the game, the crazy commercials, or for the half time show. According to, 111.3 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year. With that many people watching and enjoying themselves it is important to also note that it is one of the biggest drinking days of the year.

Big drinking holidays result in an increased number of intoxicated drivers on the road. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 10,497 fatalities occurred in 2016 because of drunk driving. This is a startling statistic but you can prevent this number from getting higher if you set up a game plan for this Sunday.

  1.       Make sure you play it safe and monitor how much you’re drinking. Various factors, including size, weight, and tolerance will impact how your body processes alcohol. For instance, a 180 pound person will be able to drink more than a 100 pound person. Also, note that there is more alcohol in certain types of spirits. Hard liquor and wine generally contains more alcohol content than beer.
  2.       If you plan on drinking any amount of alcohol it is important to have a game plan when it comes to getting a ride home. Plan to have a designated driver, order and Uber/Lyft, or take public transportation.
  3.       Make sure not only you are safe but others are too. If you see that someone who is planning to drink and drive take their keys, offer them a ride if you are sober, tell them to wait it out until they are sober, or call them a taxi. Taking action could prevent any number of serious injuries.
  4.       If you are the designated driver make sure you protect yourself from others on the road and buckle up. Seat buckles are one of the most important ways to prevent sustaining serious and life threating injuries should you be involved in a crash.
  5.       If you are driving during Super Bowl make sure you are not distracted. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. It is important to note that even if you aren’t texting and driving you may still be cognitively distracted. Examples of cognitive distractions include listening to the game on the radio, talking to friends about the game, and looking down at your phone at game stats. These different distractions  can cause a serious accident that can result in serious injury to you, the people in your car, and anyone else on the road.

So whether you are rooting for the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams we at Finkelstein & Partners care about your safety and the safety of others. Please be safe this weekend and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday.