How Technology and Trucking Affects Us All

Automotive technology is constantly evolving, as is the motivation behind new designs, models, and features. While most motorists have gotten used to some of the features implemented in new model cars, many are unaware of how technology has effected the large-scale commercial trucks we share the road with.

Here are some features added to some large trucks, like 18-wheelers, that could very well effect you:

Updated exterior hardware designed to reduce wind resistance. Pro: improved aerodynamics, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Con: if the truck’s mirrors are not properly adjusted visibility of other motorists could be compromised.

Heated mirrors. Pro: ice accumulation is prevented. Con: without properly cleaning the mirrors salt and debris can reduce visibility, even when the heated mirror feature is on.

Blind spot technology: Pro: drivers are more easily able to spot passing motorists. Con: if a truck driver (or any driver) becomes too reliant on technology he/she could easily become complacent and fail to maintain basic safety habits. 

It is imperative that we all share the road and are mindful of one another. For more information about safe driving practices click here. If you or a loved one were hurt in a truck crash contact us today.