How Can You Avoid Back Injuries at Work?

If you work in a labor-intensive environment, you may encounter a few tasks that may compromise your health and put you at risk of injury. One of the most common injuries in the workplace is back injuries. Here are some simple tips you can follow to avoid sustaining a back injury on the job:

  • Avoid lifting and bending if possible: if you can, avoid lifting heavy objects and bending down to pick up heavy objects as often as possible. Place heavy boxes on waist-level shelves and do not place heavy objects on the floor.
  • Use proper lifting procedures: bend you knees to avoid straining your back. Take a balanced stance with your feet about shoulder-width apart, one foot behind the object and the other on the side of it and lift with your legs! Never lift with your back. Do this by getting as close to the object as possible and squat down. Maintain and good grip with your palms and lift with your legs, without jerking. Avoid twisting at your waist when carry a heavy load.
  • Reduce the amount of weight if possible: if you can remove a few items from your load, do so. You can always make multiple trips.
  • Know your body’s limitations: it’s always important to know how much your body can take! Stretch beforehand and recognize when your back is at risk of injury. Know when your body has had enough!

Some injuries in the workplace can be avoided. As an employee, take proper precautions when performing daily tasks. Your employer can only provide so much safety. It’s up to you to practice and maintain those safety procedures. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in the workplace, contact us for a free case appraisal today. Get more safety tips on how to prevent back injuries in the workplace!